1 month with FM ONE - A review from one of our Kickstarter backers
Didrik Dimmen
November 5, 2018

Don't take our word for it. Check out what Ricky Huynh, one of our Kickstarter backers, had to say about FlowMotion ONE after using it a month.

And check out his Instagram - you've got some awesome content Ricky!

Here's the original review, unmoderated from our end:

I’m an occasional user of stabilizers and I’ve owned a DJI Osmo Mobile in the past.  I’ve also owned a DJI Ronin-M (which I do not recommend) and currently using the DJI Ronin-S as my main for my Sony A7RIII.  Needless to say the FM One is my choice for mobile stabilization, and highly recommend it to anyone looking into mobile videography.
My review of the FM One after 1 month of use:

1. Build Quality 7/10 - Build quality of the unit is good.  Compared to DJI, it’s lesser, but nothing to complain about.  The pieces are well fabricated, and fitment and tactility of the buttons are impressive.  The only part I would like to see improvement is the alignment where grip and the head meet.  After a few uses, I found that they are not perfectly aligned when fully tightened together.  However it’s only aesthetics.
2: Function 10/10 - It works perfectly IMO.  The on/off button powers the unit very quickly, and stabilization begins.  The motors are very powerful (I use an iPhone X with a bulky case) and can handle larger heavier devices without issue.  The extended arms of the gimbal are very IMPORTANT and useful.  Using the DJI Osmo, I experienced issues with the arms coming in contact with itself when the gimbal was used under awkward angles.  The FM One, does not experience this issue. In fact it can do undersling very easily, and portrait mode is a simple manual rotation of the head and the software recognizes it is in portrait.  Perfect for posting to instagram stories.
3: Portability (9/10) - The included case is well made.  Feels like a product from the Apple store.  There are a few mesh sleeves inside which I put the additional battery and GoPro attachments in.  The head and the grip come apart and fold in flat.  This is key if you’re planning on putting this in your camera bag and shouldn’t interfere with any current setup.  The grip is actually incredibly light, you’d have to feel it for yourself to see what I mean.  All the weight (which isn’t much), is in the gimbal head.
4: Uniqueness (9/10) - There are so many stabilizers out there it’s hard to create a stabilizer that doesn’t look like the rest.  I wish FM One came out on time, it would have easily been the No.1 Stabilizer on the market.  Having said that, I think it’s still one of the best stabilizers out there.  The battery and chip is all located in the HEAD of the gimbal.  This is a HUGE benefit and means the grip only acts as a handle and a remote.  That with the carbon fibre extension pole, you can get some pretty crazy shots with this combination.  ALSO, the best part about the FM One, is that it can be mounted on any existing tripod, or GoPro attachments (with adapter, sold separately).  If you don’t know how impressive that is, you’ll realize that on the DJI OSMO Mobile, you have to mount the entire stabilizer head and grip together very awkwardly in order to place it on a tripod.  Also DJI OSMO Mobile cannot use third party attachments like Gopro.  With FM One, the power button, battery, and chip is all in the stabilizer, meaning when the gimbal head is unscrewed from the grip, its still fully functional…. Just so good.

1: Case - I wish this case was bigger or had a slot to safe keep the carbon extension pole.  I actually dropped my carbon extension pole and damaged it.  It’s weird the included case only carries the FM ONE, the carbon pole came in a separate box, with no where to store it.  The bottom of the case could have used another zipper compartment that can be folded open to keep any additional FM One Accessories.
2: App - the app is easy to use, but the follow feature doesn’t work that well.  It loses its tracked subject quite easily.  I’m not sure if its possible also to calibrate the gimbal for personal preference.  Right now it seems like it only has one mode of stabilization. The speed, deadband limits, etc are set to very cinematic, which means the motors can only move at a very slow pace.
3: Bluetooth - the stabilizer cannot connect via bluetooth unless you’re using the FM One app.  This is weird because if I’m filming on IG Stories I have to manually press the record button on the screen as opposed to the button on the grip.  With that, I have to record using the app, then upload to IG.  Not a big deal, but seems like an easy fix.

Regardless, I think the gimbal is great. I use it very often, and would recommend anyone looking to join the world of stabilized mobile footage.
Hope my review was helpful.

Thanks for leaving a review Ricky! On behalf of the team, we appreciated your feedback. While the case won't be updated right away, we're constantly working on the app. The tracker will be updated and custom calibration is coming (as well as BT fixes).

Stay tuned for updates


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