Our first firmware update is here
Didrik Dimmen
November 5, 2018

Kickstarter or Indiegogo backer? Here's how to update your firmware. (only available for iOS, coming to Android soon)

Pre-order customer? This version of the firmware is already installed!

Hey! We're excited to announce our first firmware update.

The update will bring:

  • Overall improved stabilization performance
  • Better and more responsive handling
  • More responsive joystick control
  • Improved vertical mode (no shaking)
  • Remove unintentional vibrations
  • Bug fixes and improved system stability

How to update:

  1. Download the latest version of the FlowMotion App (version 1.6.0)
  2. Open the FlowMotion App and connect to your FlowMotion ONE (click here if you can’t connect)
  3. Within the app, navigate to Settings → Stabilizer → and click update
  4. Wait until the process is done. Estimated duration is 5 min
  5. Turn bluetooth on and off in you phone's settings

You have turn on and off bluetooth because your phone will automatically “cache” (fancy word for temporarily storing) the bluetooth configuration, and this update resets that configuration. NB: you only have to do this once

Firmware update is only available via the iOS app, it’s coming to Android soon (this is #1 priority for the Android dev team, and we’ll notify as soon as it’s ready)

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