What Makes It Unique?
Didrik Dimmen
November 5, 2018

Whether you’ve backed us since we first launched on Kickstarter, or you just discovered us, we are thrilled that you’ve connected with our community. We’ve decided to give back by creating a platform (this blog) for tutorials and tips on the art of creating videos and photos with your smartphone.

We’ll provide content on how to maximize your smartphone’s potential to make videos, editing tutorials, updates on our progress and nifty insights on how to make the most of FlowMotion ONE.

This blog, along with our YouTube will be dedicated to our backers and customers, and to everyone who wants to use their smartphone to make badass, cinematic videos.

To start off, a lot of you have been wondering what separates FlowMotion from the rest, so we put together a video highlighting some of the key features of ONE (and btw, thanks for all the amazing feedback!):

Click here to learn about FlowMotion ONE

More to come

– The FlowMotion Team

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Didrik Dimmen
Co-founder, CMO & Mobile Videographer here at FlowMotion. I write about news, updates and video making tips&tricks. Subscribe below to stay tuned
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